Dr. Kamal El-DinFamily Dentistry, Cosmetic, Implants, Ortho

    Dr. M. Kamal El-Din, practising Dental Surgeon for more than 17 years in GTA boost of two state-of-art practises in Brampton, Toronto, and Markham. He graduated in 1986 from the Dental School of University of Cairo. His 8 years as a respected dentist in Cairo, provided him with adequate experience for when he made his move to Toronto in 1995.

    Migrating to Canada in mid nineties, he dedicated his initial year in procuring his Canadian Dental license from the prestigious Royal College of Dentistry in January 1997. He has been working in GTA since then. He has a special interest in surgical procedures like extraction of wisdom teeth.

    He is continuing his education in different fields of dentistry. He has successfully completed continuing education courses in Oral Surgery, Periodontal Surgery, Root Canal Treatment, and Implant. As well as 1 year residency in Cosmetic Dentistry at University of Buffalo.